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Pipewrap S/A 150mm (2014)

Reflectix SPW0602508 Spiral Pipe Wrap Insulation, R-2.0, 6″ x 25′

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The Reflectix® Pipe Wrap Insulation products are an excellent choice when considering which type of pipe insulation to go with. The products reduce condensation on cold pipes and reduce heat loss on hot pipes. Additionally, the wraps are easy to handle and form, which translates into a fast and clean installation. The Spiral Pipe Wrap consists of two 94% + reflective layers of film bonded to two internal layers of heavy gauge polyethylene bubbles (total thickness 5/16″). Reflectix® Reflective products for pipe wrap applications are the clear winner in terms of ease of installation and two strong benefits; an R-2.0 and the reduction of condensation on cold pipes. There are a variety of product configurations available. Reflectix® does not create fibers or dust that would require protective garments or a respirator.


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