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A few things you may not know about the Sager Pipelane pipe section:

  • Better thermal performance than other mineral wool pipe sections.
  • Can be used for continuous service temperatures up to 300° C.
  • Available up to 612mm diameters and 140mm thicknesses.
  • Halogen-free – significantly reduced corrosion risk.

After all, each system is only as good as the technical insulation of its pipelines. Whether for heating systems, warm water pipes, industrial facilities, or airconditioning ducts – PIPELANE ensures thermal and sound insulation as well as fire protection. PIPELANE pipe sections are made of glass wool have outstanding sound insulation properties, are inflammable, and insulate the dissipation losses highly effectively. They are indispensable in building technology and the industry. PIPELANE pipe sections are available in different bulk densities. If the pipes require a specially blow-resistant surface, the PIPELANE pipe sections can be wrapped additionally, mainly with polymer or aluminium foils/sheets and galvanised steel sheets.

When buying Sager products from H&V Insulations you will benefit from:

  • Customised product properties,
  • Defined system and cut to measure solutions
  • Optimum thermal insulation hot/cold
  • Outstanding acoustic insulation properties
  • Fast and easy to process products
  • Recyclable materials, and unmatched customer service.