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ROCKWOOL FIREPRO® DuctRock® Slab – per 1.2m length

Insulating ductwork can be beneficial for reducing thermal transmission as well as protecting the structure in the event of a fire which can amount to costly damages. ROCKWOOL FIREPRO® DuctRock® Slab can provide up to 2-hours’ fire protection to ductwork in addition to fire resistance where they pass through fire rated walls and floors. This provides assurance that fire cannot spread unseen through ducting around a building.

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FIREPRO® DuctRock® Slab is composed of high density, non-combustible mineral wool insulation, finished with a high emissivity black foil facing. FIREPRO® Glue and high performance Black Aluminium Foil Tape are available for sealing all board joints. The ROCKWOOL DuctRock® slabs are readily available in three thicknesses, are easy to handle and simple to install. The slabs can be installed using stud welded pins, steel washers and FIREPRO® Glue, and are easy to cut with a hand saw or circular/table saw.

DuctRock® Slab has been tested to the latest harmonised European standard and is capable of achieving a fire resistance up to EI 120, up to 2-hours’ fire protection for rectangular ventilation and smoke extract ducts and up to 1 hour fire protection to ducts with a combustible lining (kitchen extract) ducting. The solution is typically used in commercial and industrial settings where they travel throughout the building passing through fire rated walls and floors.

  • Fire resistance up to 2 hours for ventilation and smoke extract  ducts
  • Comprehensively tested on both vertical and horizontal ducts through fire rated walls and floors.
  • The versatility of FIREPRO® DuctRock® Slab means it can be used across a wide range of duct types.
  • The high quality black foil finish offers additional design freedom and identifies the product as the BS EN tested solution.
  • FIREPRO® DuctRock® Slab has a patented dry-wall penetration detail.

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60mm, 80mm, 90mm



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